About us

SmartGifty was developed in Europe with a special purpose: to offer an easy system for managing gift cards.

By creating SmartGifty, a simple and effective solution for prepaid digital gifts, we want to deliver the joy of giving and the freedom of choosing a gift into the hands of your shopping centres' customers.

Our purpose

Every day we work to simplify the user experience of all stakeholders in the digital gifts process. We are passionate about helping our partners define and solve their problems and to help them grow by offering them support with our current software or custom solutions.

Our vision

We strive to become a leading partner of businesses all over Europe in the field of smart prepaid gift card management, merging it with loyalty programs and marketing automation tools, and expanding our knowledge and technological solutions to a worldwide stage.

Our legacy

The development of SmartGifty originates from a decade of our work in IT and identification technologies. Working with our clients in these fields we noticed that existing gift cards and gift voucher solutions were usually not digitalized and very rarely independent. We decided to change that, so we created a simple and effective gift card management platform, which you can use as a fully digitalized, integrated marketing and purchases clearing tool.

Our team

Behind a great product,
there’s a great team.

From product to a full ecosystem, we’ve built an incredible team of experienced people who share our passion for disruptive technology and a vision of a new digital landscape.

Jurij Triller
Founder and CEO

and 9 more amazing team members.

Customer support
Phone +386 30 719 888

E-mail: support@smartgifty.com


Slovenia: +386 30 710 934

Croatia: +385 919 50 99 539

Czech Republic: +420 722 959 688

Slovakia: +421 911 407 454


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