Frequently asked questions

What is SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is a digitalized gift card management solution, used in multiple shopping centres across Europe and suitable for various multi-location businesses. It is a web-based platform that helps to manage (sell, redeem and analyse gift cards) every gift card business and can be easily upgraded for various loyalty programs. All you need is an internet access, username and password. It can be launched completely independent or be integrated with your existing software (via API connections).

What are the key benefits of SmartGifty?

It is web-based platform that offers multi-level accesses, provides a 24/7, real-time insight into all gift card transactions, creates a positive relationship between your brand and your customers, increases visitor return rate, generates new customers and additional income. The solution also provides you with a variety of statistics to help you plan effective marketing activities in the future.

Who is SmartGifty for?

Initially, the solution was designed for shopping centres to integrate multiple shopping centres under one brand. With the same logic, we customized it for multi-location businesses like shops, cafes and restaurants. It is suitable for small, medium and large sized businesses – to optimize and increase their gift card business or implement a new product with various benefits for all involved.

How safe is SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is very safe. We use Amazons serves for storage and backup data and the gift cards are equipped with a unique gift card bar, QR code or RFID chip. All options also have PIN numbers for customer safety.

How does SmartGifty work?

SmartGifty is web-based platform. That means that it works on all computers with internet access. Issuing and selling of gift cards is fast and simple. Redemption’s by shops, cafes or restaurants are easy with barcode readers or a hand-held terminals.

How long does it take to implement SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is fully developed and ready to go as soon as you are. Implementation depends mostly on how quickly you can provide the necessary information and ranges from 2 weeks to about 2 months (larger shopping centres with a high number of tenants).

How much does SmartGifty cost?

The pricing of SmartGifty depends on the size of your business where additional locations can bring cost optimization. The regular business model consist of platform set up costs (one-time) and monthly costs of licences to use the platform. In this model, the price does does not depend on the number of cards sold or the value of transactions made. But, we have various options and models of collaboration and we try to adjust to every client (for example a client could choose to not have initial cost of set up, but to rather share the profits from the sales). Please reach out to us to find out the best option for you.

What is different about SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is easy and quick to implement, it offers a great user experience and it is cost efficient. You are the issuer of your gift cards and you make the rules about the usage of gift cards (validity, minimum and maximum value, possibility of extending the validity, design, …).

All payments are paid directly to you and all the funds from your gift card business are in your bank account. We don’t outsource as we offer a full support system with in-house programmers and marketing department (a decade of experiences in IT and identification technologies).

We have worked with shops and shopping centres for several years and have an insight and knowledge of the retail industry. We consider ourselves as your partners and our aim is to help you grow.

Why offer gift cards to your clients?

Implementing a new product can be hard and stressful. But to offer your clients a product like gift cards can raise brand awareness, increase consumer satisfaction by offering them a modern and flexible way of gifting and more. Gift cards are also a great way to enlarge your yearly marketing budget or create savings for the company.

Can existing gift vouchers be integrated into SmartGifty?

Yes, if the identification codes of your gift vouchers are digitalized (a list in excel for example), they can be imported into SmartGifty. You can also offer an exchange of gift vouchers for gift cards. The transition from vouchers without a SW system to SmartGifty solution is smooth and easy. SmartGifty is suitable for business that already have gift vouchers and business that do not offer gift vouchers. It is completely independent and can be used in both cases.

Loyalty programs with SmartGifty?

SmartGifty can be easily upgraded to offer various loyalty programs. A loyalty module (an ad-on) for a customized cash-back programs can be added to one or several locations, based on your needs and requirements.

Printing & delivery of cards?

We offer a full service, including printing and delivering of gift/loyalty cards. We work with tested and trust worthy partners across Europe that offer various gift cards options from plastic to paper and wood cards. This service is available but not obligatory. If decided, you can print cards separately with your suppliers.

Online gift card sales?

SmartGifty operates independently from your website or webshop, but can be easily integrated. We also offer website/webshop programming with a complete online payment system (we usually work with Stripe). For clients that do not have their own webshop or for those that need a quick, short-term solution, we offer a simple, mobile friendly and efficient webshop for your gift cards. Selling gift cards online is not mandatory, but it is recommended due to the growing trends of online shopping on several devices.

No info counter in the shopping centre?

Info counter (information desk) is a great way to promote and sell your gift cards. It is also a point of information and help for tenants and visitors. It offers buyers a personal experience and provides them with an option of discussing the product – gift card. Nevertheless, in case you don’t have an info counter, we offer a gift card machine (kiosk) for selling the gift cards offline. It can be branded and it is very simple to use. For more information and photos, please contacts us.