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A web-based gift card management solution offers multiple-location businesses easy and fast issuing & redeeming of their gift cards. SmartGifty also provides the possibility for an add-on loyalty module for customized cash-back programs. All you need is internet access, a username and a password.

Smart benefits

Web-based solution

Because SmartGifty is web-based, there is no need to install API connections to cash registers, so the cost of implementation is much lower and the time is shorter. Besides the internet, the only other thing needed is a barcode scanner or a hand held terminal.

One point for issuing and redeeming

Multi-location access allow various points to issue and redeem a gift cards instantly, check the number of cards issued and redeemed every day and have 24/7 insight into transactions for a specific location.

Management of multiple locations

With management or marketing access one receives a 24/7, real-time overview of gift card business in all connected locations. SmartGifty helps in effective planning of future marketing activities (special thematic card layouts, features of the loyalty program, setting happy hours and sales promotion in certain periods, …).

Loyalty program as a simple add-on

Alongside gift card management, SmartGifty also offers a simple way to start doing loyalty programs. A loyalty module can include cash back, point collection and more. It provides an insight into customer behaviour and a possibility for a better & personalized communication with customers.

Core Benefits



  • Gift card and/or loyalty card
  • Issuing, redeeming and managing gift cards and loyalty cards,
  • Especially developed for multi-location businesses.
  • Follow the customer journey from generating new customers with a gift card to increase the rate of customer return with a loyalty card,
  • Personalizing your communication and generating additional income




  • All amounts and purchases are recorded in real time.
  • The system is easy for you to implement and is fully digitalised.
  • Multi level access includes overview per location with different access rights, all locations management and accounting.




  • With a number of systemic safety features we ensure you safe and reliable usage
  • A user-friendly online managing platform allows you a 24/7 insight into all relevant data with predetermined levels of access.




  • Easily connected with various third parties providers via an API or with a Marketing Automation Tool for an automated and personalized communication with customers.
  • More about our solution for marketing automation here.


You asked, we answered

What is SmartGifty for multi-location businesses?

SmartGifty is a digitalized gift card management solution that is in use in various shopping centers and companies across Europe. SmarGifty can offer you a simple way to connect all locations with one gift card and one loyalty program – simple, fast and easy. All you need is internet access, a username and a password. It can be launched completely independently or integrated with your existing software (via API connections).

What do we mean by multi-location businesses?

Suppose you have several cafés, shops, restaurants or something else. In that case, we consider you as a multi-location business and SmartGifty is a way to connect all your locations and offer your customers a consistent customer experience. You can offer them a gift card or loyalty program. Everything that is needed in all locations is a computer and internet access.

How long does it take to implement SmartGifty in all locations?

SmartGifty is fully developed, tested, and ready to go as soon as you are. Implementation depends mostly on how quickly you can provide the necessary information. Setting up takes on average from 2 weeks to about 2 months.

What are the key benefits for multi-location bussines?

SmartGifty offers multi-level accesses, provides 24/7, real-time insight into all gift card and loyalty program transactions, creates a positive relationship between your brand and your customers, increases customer return rate, generates new customers and additional income. With it, you can reward clients and start engaging with them to give them a personalized experience. The solution also provides you with a variety of statistics to help you plan effective marketing activities in the future.

Loyalty programs with SmartGifty?

SmartGifty can be easily upgraded to offer various loyalty programs. A loyalty module (an add-on) for a customized cash-back program can be added to one or several locations, based on your needs and requirements. You can easily offer your customers to start collection points or receive cash-back based on your own personalized rules (for example: a 50 % discount on the 10th visit). For even better management of your customers, we also offer a marketing automation system.

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Gift cards in numbers

No. 1 ​​most requested present during the holidays are gift cards
200 %
growth of use of digital gift cards
93 %
of all consumers will buy or receive a gift card this year
90 %
of gift cards are used within 60 days of purchase
83 %
of corporations use gift cards as employee incentives
72 %
of customers spend more than the value of their gift card
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