Gift card management

system SmartGifty

A simple solution for your gift cards

Gift card management

system SmartGifty

A simple solution for your gift cards


Gift card management made simple
and easy

SmartGifty is a fully digitalized gift card management system for shopping centers and multi-location businesses, creating added value for everybody involved: gift givers and recipients, shopping centers and retailers, shops, cafés & restaurants.

Profitable marketing tool

Get to know an exceptional tool to attract new customers

  • Convert your gifting strategy into a powerful engine for business growth.
  • Help fortify customer loyalty, secure long-term relationships with your clients and keep continuous expansion.
Fully customizable

Personalized gift cards with pictures can boost sales of your gift cards by 100%

  • Let your customers honor their recipients by creating a customized gift card.
  • Making each gift card as unique as the person they’re gifting it to by adding a personal touch to every occasion.
  • Relive Cherished Memories: With our solution for custom design gift cards, remind loved ones of special past events, reigniting the joy and nostalgia of those unforgettable moments.
  • Offer your customers the flexibility of choice. They can use Physical or E-card format.
  • Offer your customers Customized Designs Tailored to Special Events as adaptable for any occasion or preference.
Fully digitalized gift card process

Get rid of the manual work

  • Issue your gift cards to buyers at info counters, gift card vending machines, or online.
  • Gift buyers are free to load the card with any amount within the parameters you set.
  • Recipients are free to spend the desired amount in any of your locations across to globe.
  • No more counting vouchers by hand.
Instant Financial Benefit

24/7 insight into all relevant data

  • The money from the gift card purchase is immediately credited to your account, providing instant cash flow and financial security.
  • A user-friendly online managing platform allows you a 24/7 insight into all relevant data with predetermined levels of access: Administrator, Info counter and Tenant
  • Advanced analytics: Web based platform with lots of data which can help to plan and predict customers behavior and financial transactions

Trusted partners of European businesses

Serving more than 1500 shops

+40 shopping centers served
+1,500 shops managed
+10,000,000 Euros loaded on SmartGifty cards

You asked, we answered

What is SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is a digitalized gift card management solution, used in multiple shopping centers across Europe and suitable for various multi-location businesses. It is a web-based platform that helps to manage (sell, redeem and analyze gift cards) every gift card business and can be easily upgraded for various loyalty programs. All you need is internet access, a username and a password. It can be launched completely independently or be integrated with your existing software via API connections (cashier, ERP, …).

How does SmartGifty work?

SmartGifty is a web-based platform. That means that it works on all computers with internet access in real time 24/7 Issuing and selling gift cards is fast and simple. Redemption by shops, cafes or restaurants is easy with barcode readers, mobile phones or hand-held terminals.

Who is SmartGifty for?

Initially, the solution was designed for shopping centers to integrate multiple shopping centers under one brand. With the same logic, we customized it for multi-location businesses like shops, cafes and restaurants. It is suitable for small, medium and large-sized businesses – to optimize and increase their gift card business or implement a new product with various benefits for all involved.

How much does SmartGifty cost?

The pricing of SmartGifty depends on the size of your business where additional locations can bring cost optimization. We offer two options, a Shared Solution for smaller shopping and retail centers and an Individual Solution for stand-alone solutions for shopping center chains & bigger shopping centers. Costs include an initial set-up cost and a monthly subscription fee. We offer various options and business models of collaboration (for example you could choose not to have an initial set up cost, but rather share the profits from the Gift Cards sales).

What is different about SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is easy and quick to implement, it offers a great user experience and it is cost-efficient. Unlike other providers, we offer a closed loop (compliant with e-money regulation) in which the funds from your Gift card sales are in your bank account alone. You have complete control and a complete overview of transactions. You are the issuer of your gift cards and you make the rules about the usage of gift cards (validity, minimum and maximum value, possibility of extending the validity, design, …). We also offer an option of a digital e-card in line with digital shopping trends. We don’t outsource as we offer a full support system with in-house programmers and a marketing department (a decade of experience in IT and identification technologies). We are not hard to reach and we are there for you > with answers, help and support. 

How safe is SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is very safe (like other fintech companies) and all the financial flows are between you, your tenants and your customers – money from the Gift Cards sales is always in your bank account. We use Amazon’s servers for storage and backup data and the gift cards and loyalty cards are equipped with a unique barcode, QR code or RFID chip. All options also have PINs for customer safety. Login to the SmartGifty system is username and password protected and offers multi-level access for your marketing, accounting and sales personnel.

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