Privacy Policy

I. General

Smart Octopus Solutions Ltd. (hereinafter: SOS) is the owner and the operator of
The owner of the website respects the users’ right to privacy and strives for the highest level of personal data protection. He is obliged to act under the laws and regulations defining the protection of personal data, in particular per the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the EU General Regulation on Data Protection.

II. Personal data and privacy protection

The Privacy Policy applies to anyone who is considered a user and is valid for the entire site, including all its subpages. A user is any legal or natural person who uses or visits the website.
By using the website, the user acknowledges that he or she agrees to this Privacy Policy. The provider reserves the right to change any provision of this Privacy at any time without notice. By continuing to use the website, the user agrees to the changes.

III. Purpose of collecting and storage of personal information

The personal information collected on the site is managed by the owner of the website. The user agrees that SOS collects and processes his/her personal information for its business operations and further communication with the user.
Under no circumstances will the owner of the website sell, lend or in any other way provide information about users to unauthorized third parties without the consent of the users. If needed, the data is passed on to contractual partners who take care of the operation and maintenance of the website and are obliged to protect personal data under the same conditions as the owner of the website.
The user’s personal data is stored in a database that is managed by SOS in accordance with the company policy, for the duration of the relationship between the user and SOS or until the user requests the deletion of his/her data from the database.
The user may at any time submit a written request to delete, review, transfer or change his/her information from the database. To submit a request to delete, review, transfer or change his/her information, the user must send an email to SOS shall reply to the request within eight (8) business days.

IV. User right to verify

The user has the right to verify the implementation of the protection and processing of personal information at SOS. The user must announce the inspection of the premises and equipment at least five (5) business days in advance. To protect trade secrets and other sensitive information of the provider, the inspection shall be carried out in the presence of an authorized person nominated by SOS.

V. Protection of personal information

Personal information is protected in the context of legal, organizational and relevant logical and technical procedures and measures to prevent the accidental or intentional unauthorized destruction of information, their alteration or loss, and the unauthorized processing of such information by:
• Protecting premises, equipment and system software, including I/O units;
• Safeguarding software used to process personal information;
• Preventing unauthorized access to personal information during transmission, including transmission via telecommunication means and networks;
• Providing an effective way to block, destroy, delete or anonymize personal information;
• Provide traceability of when individual personal information was used and entered into the database and who carried out this operation, for the entire period during which the individual piece of information is stored.

VI. Final Provisions

For all additional explanations regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact This Privacy Policy is effective as of April 02, 2021.