Smart client

Qlandia is a shopping chain of 7 shopping centers across Slovenia, with a long history (the first shopping center was opened in 2006) and over 300 tenants offering everything from fashion, cosmetics, tech, gastro and much more.

Smart reason

Qlandia offered their customers paper Gift vouchers since 2014 and sought an upgrade of the product in line with modern shopping and gifting options. The clients wanted to offer their customers a product with added value like convenience and personalization, while also optimizing the management of vouchers. 

Smart Solution

SmartGifty has together with the client developed a customized online solution to manage the new product – Qlandia gift card. With a web-based platform, the client was able to replace manual administrative work regarding sales, stocks, redemption while also offering the customer more freedom with gifting (online point of purchase, personalization of the card, online balance check 24/7 and more). A new gift card webshop was launched to increase brand and product awareness and to offer online purchasing for legal and natural entities in Slovenia. The Qlandia gift cards had unlimited validity, were available in several different designs and were a single load, up to the value of 300 €.

Smart Result

SmartGifty helped Qlandia to offer a contemporary, exceptionally well-accepted product to its customers while providing a client a time-optimizing management system with a real-time overview in as much detail as needed.