CC Real

What is CC Real?

CC Real is one of the leading companies in managing shopping centers in Europe and beyond. It operates three facilities in Croatia – two in Zagreb and one in Split.

Smart reason

The latter turned to us due to numerous challenges they faced: the lack of an efficient system for managing gift vouchers. They still wanted to keep the vouchers (for now) as they didn’t want to change the purchasing and spending process in stores; however, there was too much work involved in redemption and control.

To address this gap, they decided to adopt the “back end” system of Smartgifty, which we carefully designed and tailored to their specific needs and processes.

Smart solution

One of the major requirements was to increase control over voucher issuance and ensure complete traceability from the order of printing vouchers, inventory location, traceability of individual vouchers based on issuance location (different centers), issuance at information points, all the way to actual customer usage in stores in all three centers.

Voucher issuance and money associated with gift vouchers are managed within the system, thus the possibility of errors is eliminated, as control is maintained every day. The secretariat or controlling department of each center has the ability to redeem/register vouchers acquired in each store and perform all necessary checks, such as reviewing issued cards per center, spending per store, reviewing unredeemed vouchers, reviewing legal entities, reviewing cash deposits, reviewing invoice numbers under which each voucher is sold, etc.

The administrator has access to all centers, where they can also see all of the above.

Smart result

The SmartGifty solution for CC Real represents the ideal combination of advanced technology for managing gift cards and physical vouchers. Considering they wanted to retain physical vouchers as well as the current sales process in stores.

However, digitizing the background process still represents a significant step towards complete digitization of the voucher process. This not only improved insight into the sales and usage of gift vouchers among tenants in different time periods but also reduced opportunities for abuse and optimized and digitized almost the entire process, resulting in significant time and cost savings.