CC One

What is CC One?

CC Real is one of the leading companies in shopping center management in Europe and beyond, with its three facilities (shopping centers) in Croatia – two in Zagreb and one in Split.

Smart reason

The company and the center faced a challenge – a lack of an efficient system for managing gift vouchers. To address this gap, they decided to customize the Smartgifty system, which was carefully designed and tailored to their specific needs and

Smart solution

We upgraded the system to enable voucher issuance in all Croatian centers, managing inventory from voucher printing to issuance at information points and then actual issuance to customers in the centers. 

The issuance and money associated with gift vouchers are tracked in the system, and the possibility of errors is minimized. 

The administration of each center has the option to redeem vouchers at individual stores and conduct all necessary inspections, such as reviewing issued cards per center, spending per store, reviewing unredeemed vouchers, reviewing legal entities, cash deposits, invoice numbers, etc. 

The administrator has access to all centers, where they can also see all the above for all centers.

Smart result

The Smartgifty solution for CC Real represents the ideal combination of advanced technology for managing gift cards and physical vouchers, which is a significant step towards the complete digitalization of the gift voucher process. With this, they have not only improved insight into the sales and consumption of gift vouchers among tenants in different time periods but also reduced the chances of abuse and optimized and digitalized the process.