Is bureaucracy and transparency important?

One of the main goals when introducing something new is to optimize existing business processes and practices. Research shows that decreasing bureaucracy can simplify and reduce workload while also increasing efficiency. In the case of gift vouchers, there is a lot of manual work and a lot of administration on both sides – tenants and accounting. SmartGifty provides each overview for maximum productivity. Shops, restaurants, and service providers do not have to count accepted gift vouchers or safeguard them and accounting can refund tenants fast and easily on a weekly, monthly, or any other basis.

At the same time, SmartGifty ensures full transparency as all amounts and purchases are recorded in real-time. The solution is easy to implement and is fully digitalized. SmartGifty includes various levels of operation: gift card selling points, management or marketing, accounting, and shops/cafes/restaurants.

When introducing a new product, one has expectations to be able to get invaluable insights into customer behavior, purchase patterns, demand, satisfaction, and more. To be able to assess a successful launch, one expects to have relevant information in an understandable format and use this to plan future actions better. SmartGifty offers managerial/marketing or admin-level access with detailed 24/7 overviews of business operations regarding gift cards which provides our partners with an effective marketing tool. You can see numerous things like the number of gift cards purchased or canceled in a specific shop or location, the amount of money on the gift cards, inactive and deactivated cards, and much more.