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Digital gift card management

Smart solution connecting multiple stores with one gift card

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SmartGifty is a web-based gift card management solution, specifically designed for use in shopping centres. It is fast, easy and cost-effective to implement, all you need is internet access, username and password. Working in real time it records all transactions instantly, safely and securely.

How does it work?


Because SmartGifty is web-based, there is no need to install API connections to cash registers, so the cost of implementation is much lower. Besides internet, the only other thing a shop needs to start using SmartGifty is a barcode scanner. The shops also have no extra work with reporting about gift card transactions because the input of all purchases is automatic.

Selling points

SmartGifty cards are usually sold at shopping centres’ info counters which can issue a new card, check the number of cards issued every day, process potential payment reversal requests and have a 24/7 insight into all gift card transactions within the shopping centre.


Transferring funds to bank accounts of individual businesses, where the gift cards were used, is a matter of a few clicks. SmartGifty web-based platform allows the accountant to simply export all the purchases data and safely import it into your online bank.


Your shopping centres’ management or marketing department have complete access to all the data for all the shops and all the centres in your chain. They can analyze a number of statistics to plan effective marketing activities and have control over gift card stock.

Key features


One gift card, so many shopping options! SmartGifty cards are available to your customers at info counters, gift card vending machines or online. Smart gift buyers are free to load the card with any amount within the parameters you set while the recipients are free to spend that amount in any of the shops in any of your shopping centres.


SmartGifty allows full transparency as all amounts and purchases are recorded in real time. The system is easy for you to implement and is fully digitalised. In addition to the actual gift card user, the system includes four levels of operation: shops, gift card selling points, management and accounting.


A number of systemic safety features ensure you that using and managing SmartGifty is safe and reliable on all four levels of operation. A user-friendly online managing system allows you a 24/7 insight into all relevant data with predetermined levels of access.


SmartGifty is a low-cost, high-performance marketing tool with many advantages. It creates a positive relationship between your brand and your customers, generates new customers and additional income. The solution also provides you with a variety of statistics to help you plan effective marketing activities in the future.

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No. 1 ​​most requested present during the holidays are gift cards
200 %
growth of use of digital gift cards
93 %
of all consumers will buy or receive a gift card this year
90 %
of gift cards are used within 60 days of purchase
83 %
of corporations use gift cards as employee incentives
72 %
of customers spend more than the value of their gift card
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