Connecting the online and offline worlds

Connecting the offline and online world is yesterday’s news, but providing a good shopping customer experience is always in the centre of attention. This is especially important when implementing a new product. Connecting offline and online marketing activities is about more than strengthening brand presence. It’s about leveraging existing brand capital and assets to make a powerful impact.

Not only, but especially marketing departments should aim to understand the offline and online buyer, their purchase behaviour, experiences and what they value. It is ever more important to use various tools to create a consistent brand experience between print, social, mobile and Web campaigns. This kind of connection can drive an intensified impact across the entire marketing ecosystem and provide better bussiness results. While working closely with our clients, we have seen this firsthand. 

Offline materials (fylers, posters, …) about digital, online gift cards have sprung the online purchasing and a clear online communication (website, social media, …) about offline points of sales have decreased a number of repeting questions posed by customer at info counters (offline points of sales). 

We know that offering a better offline experiece while buying a gift card is closely connected to the online presence and communication about the gift card and that the online buying is greather if the offline material supports and informs about the online benefits of purchase or even about online, digital gift cards.