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Trojan horse, Eiffel Tower and a gift card?

With the development of today’s world, and cultures deeply rooted in us, giving and receiving gifts as clothes, household appliances, gaming consoles or gift cards, seem something normal. But have you ever asked how gifts even became a thing or what is the history of gifts?

A gift is more than a material object; it is also a piece of the giver’s heart and the most beautiful representation of people’s inner feelings.

It originates from the prehistoric period, when people were giving materials to show goodwill to each other. It started as a unusual rock, a animas’ tooth and later became more complicated like jewellery or carved stones. With the evolution of humans, gifts also started to become more and more complex. The Statue of liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Hanging gardens of Babylon or even the Trojan horse (with a suprise – Greek soliders), are all one of the most amazing and surpising gifts throught history.

Nowadays we have almost endless options what to give as a gift. At the same time, now more than ever, we appreciate a gift with the intention that comes from the heart, rather than some expensive gift that was bought, because it had to be. Lastly, a gift can strenghten the bond between friends, family, partners and many more. Psychologist also proved that giving gifts gives us more psychological change than receiving them. So, give out some gifts or even better – gift cards.