Gift Cards for your next (Christmas) campaign

Gift cards certainly have numerous benefits, which are strong features in general but are even more so from the perspective of eCommerce owing to strategy-related concerns. From the recipient’s perspective, they may not be the most creative gifts, but it is indisputable that they have many advantages. 

If you haven’t already, we think this post will alter how you feel about using them in your online store (and even more in view of the Christmas campaign that you should already be planning).

Why should you offer your customers a gift card?

#1 – Product (almost) free of charge

How much space is required to store a pack of 1,000 printed cards? Practically nothing.  As opposed to when you had 1,000 products, you won’t need to set aside space in your warehouse. 

However, if we switch to a digital version (which is still a coupon sent by email), the cost is essentially zero in this instance.

#2 – Reduce returns

If a sizable amount of merchandise is already being returned to your stores, even when a consumer purchases items for himself, the number of orders returned from Christmas gifts given to family and friends is noticeably higher. 

Simply put, when we give a card for a specific value, it is much simpler to do it properly. We encourage the end user to make their own purchases, which eliminates a number of factors that have a direct impact on returns.

#3 – It is fast

Don’t forget that a person may purchase a gift card around Christmas in order to “solve a last-minute problem” or for other reasons. 

Gift cards are perfect for this profile of customers. These people won’t waste time looking through or reading your holiday gift guides; instead, they’ll purchase items that can be bought quickly (especially when deadlines are tight).

What about you? Are you going to implement gift cards into your Christmas or any other campaigns? We can help you with gift card management!