The Best Gift for Employee Appreciation

Everyone on your team might not be satisfied if you give every employee an identical present. Although many people will, to be fair, not every employee will value receiving a Starbucks gift card as compensation. Giving your employees the gift of their choice might make your expression of thanks more sincere and significant to them than awarding a generic, impersonal reward.

Using a gift card system, like SmartGifty, that allows purchasing with one gift card in all the stores and restaurants in the shopping centre, you allow employees to choose the gifts they love most. The beauty of gift cards is that the options are almost endless, and you can delight your team by rewarding them with the things they love. 

It’s crucial to determine the advantages a system for employee recognition delivers to your company, whether you already have one or are attempting to launch a new program. Recognition for employees extends beyond mere presents. Genuine, equitable, and customized gifts should be given in return for your gratitude.

According to a report by Giftbit, effective employee recognition makes workers four times as likely to be engaged at work. Consistent, memorable rewards and positive feedback from their leaders make employees happier and more productive.

But what does employee recognition helps with? Well to name 4:

  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Boosted employee performance

Gift cards are used as a form of employee recognition by roughly 52% of American employers, who spend billions of dollars annually to express their gratitude. Gift cards remove the element of surprise from giving and guarantee that the receiver will receive their desired item.