Increase your social media reach with gift cards

Every business now relies heavily on social media, and freebies are a profitable and popular marketing strategy to expand social media reach and raise brand awareness. Companies that sell tangible goods like T-shirts, shoes, etc. can give away their products to customers, but what would you provide your audience if you didn’t sell such things? The answer, of course, is a gift card. 

People enjoy winning gift cards from your social media channels whether you are a shopping center, restaurant, spa owner, DJ, blogger, or interior designer. Giveaways are entertaining and engaging since they not only draw attention to a business but also improve the likelihood that new consumers will become loyal ones. This also increases the level of anticipation among your followers because it gives them the same feeling as a child opening their presents on Christmas morning!

Why Gift Cards as a giveaway choice?

Giveaways of gift cards are fairly simple to run. Unlike big items, gift cards don’t require expensive shipping. Gift cards do not need to be shipped in a delicate or bulky package, and if you are offering digital gift cards, then you do not need to be concerned about any of the mentioned issues at all! Gift cards also have the advantage of being appropriate for people of any age or gender. Anybody can use a gift card!

How to set up the giveaway?

  1. Set a goal – what do you want to achieve with your giveaway?
  2. Pick a gift card – we recommend that you offer a personalized gift card to the winner/s.
  3. Promote your giveaway – Share the giveaway’s details on all of your social media channels. Give followers a taste of what you have to offer to make your content engaging and attract them.
  4. Make entering the giveaway easy.
  5. Celebrate the winners – When you select a winner and send them a gift card, your work is not finished. Make a big deal out of announcing the winner. Additionally, you can upload a photo of the winner enjoying the gift they purchased with their gift card. More individuals would be willing to participate in future giveaways after seeing these posts because it forges a connection with your followers.

Now that you how to successfully run a giveaway program and increase read of your social media account using gift cards, what are you waiting for? You can go to the SmartGifty gift card management system and get a customizable gift card right away.