Smart client

Supernova has significantly grown over 2019/2020 and is now a multinational shopping chain, present in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania. It is one of the largest players in shopper real estate in Europe, combining shopping and retail centers. At the beginning of 2020, Supernova also became an owner of Qlandia shopping centers, rebranding them from Qlandia orange to Supernova red. 

Smart reason

In the past, Supernova had a gift card offline system (contact chip) that was expensive, hard to manage and user-friendly. Because of their requirements, we have in 2016 provided them with a solution to change their system to an online platform SmartGifty. They have successfully used our web-based platform for several years. With an overtake of Qlandia shopping centers in 2019/2020, Supernova wanted to merge both gift cards – Qlandia gift card and the existing Supernova gift card and offer the customers an upgrade not only in size of shopping options but also in quality. It was important to extract the advantages of both products and combine them, as seamlessly as possible. Supernova is using the SmartGifty in over 25 shopping centers in Slovenia and Croatia with more locations on the way. 

Smart Solution

A merge of both gift card systems (Qlandia and Supernova) in the back end and a launch of a new – mobile and user-first webshop for customers. A smart merge created a tailor-made solution for the client’s needs while managing a product (gift card) in several countries. With a 24/7, real-time, complete overview of the product in several shopping centers and markets, the client is able to plan marketing activities and optimize administration (papyrology). The product – Supernova gift card has some differences in Slovenia and Croatia (because of regulations and customer preferences) but exists in one smart, online solution that offers several admin accesses with specific log-in rights and overviews.

Smart Result

A detailed overview of sales and redemption for each market in different currencies, stock monitoring and easy managing of transactions to tenants. On the customer side – the possibility of an online exchange of Qlandia gift card for a Supernova gift card with even more shopping options and an e-gift card increased the product’s likeability and sales.