Smart client

Mass is a shoe company that has over the past 30 years grown into a company with over 400 employees. In total, Mass has more than 50 stores in Slovenia and Croatia, 8 in-house brands and more than 8,000 different models of footwear. They believe that their client comes first, which is only possible with satisfied employees, who represent the heart of the operation. This leads to mutual trust and long-term relationships with all their partners. We are very proud to be their service provider and partner in the area of gift cards.

Smart reason

Mass constantly follows shopping trends and wants to exchange its gift vouchers for modern gift cards that would connect offline stores in Slovenia and Croatia and online stores in Slovenian ( and Croatian ( They wanted to offer their customers a popular gift option that would satisfy all generations and tastes.

Smart Solution

They implemented the SmartGifty card system in all their physical stores in Slovenia and Croatia, and together with the Optiweb agency, we made sure that Mass gift cards can be easily and quickly purchased and redeemed in both online stores. Mass connected all its physical cash registers with the SmartGifty gift card issuing (selling) and redemption system, and the gift card is fully implemented in the user experience of the existing online store that runs on a Magento platform. It is possible to buy both a classic PVC card and a digital card online, which the buyer receives in his e-mail box. It can be loaded with a credit of between 10€ and 300€, rounded up to 10€. Redemption of the Mass gift card is gradual, and visitors to the online store can quickly and easily check the balance of the card (online, in real-time), regardless of where they purchased it.

Smart Result

We have enabled Mass to offer its customers a quick online purchase of a modern gift while providing easy gift card redemption in both online shops and all offline stores. We made sure that all their cash registers were fully equipped for issuing and redeeming gift cards, and at the same time, we took care of the timely printing and delivery of gift cards in Slovenia and Croatia.