Take control over your projects

Moving forward with your projects is not possible unless you understand what is happening with them. A lot of times, managers lose track of their projects and have a hard time getting back on the path they wanted to follow. 

With new projects and products like gift cards, it is essential to have control over their performance – at all times. This is especially important if you are implementing gift cards in several locations at the same time. Understandably, you will compare and modify the underperforming locations. As a manager, you need to keep track of stock, transactions, cancellation requests, and more. All that on your computer with a simple link click – any time from anywhere is the best way possible.

When a decision to introduce gift cards to your customers is made, one has expectations to be able to get valuable insights into customer behavior, purchase patterns, demand, satisfaction and more. To be able to assess a successful launch, one expects to have relevant information in an understandable format and use this to plan future actions better. 

Data collected from your research, survey, and interviews are useful only if you can and know how to manage it. Otherwise, data can be misleading and even harmful to your progress. We recommend having a tool that allows an overview of everything regarding the sales and redemption of gift cards in multiple locations. At the same time, the best thing is to have managerial/marketing or admin-level access with detailed 24/7 overviews of business operations regarding gift cards.