Your gift card program can help you increase user acquisition

In today’s competitive digital world, where areas like streaming entertainment and food delivery are becoming even more saturated, gaining new users and keeping them on board is essential to expanding your company. In order to counteract the inevitable churn of consumers over time, attracting new customers is essential to sustaining a healthy customer lifetime. A business may make sure that it maintains its competitiveness and continues to prosper in the future by consistently looking for new customers and developing new strategies to attract them.

Brands may utilize gift cards and vouchers to attract new users to their platform’s economy quite effectively. Brands may increase their user base and draw in new customers by providing gift cards. Gift cards are also a great way to reach some clients that would be challenging to approach otherwise. For instance, people who don’t have bank accounts (about 5.9 million American families), don’t like to store their financial information online (36% of American customers) or use gift cards to help them budget. Additionally, as gift cards are frequently given as presents, new customers can be successfully and naturally introduced to a brand’s offering.

However, launching a gift card program alone won’t resolve a brand’s user acquisition strategy. It’s critical to monitor and evaluate data on the channels and merchants that are bringing in the newest users using this payment method after a brand has launched its gift card program. The brand can use this information to influence future marketing and business strategies and to determine which marketing initiatives are most successful at bringing new users to its platform. The brand may also decide where to devote its resources and where to concentrate its efforts by looking at data on the performance of various channels and retailers. This analysis is easier said than done and often requires dedicated time and energy, but that’s why SmartGifty – gift card management is here to help. We invite you to schedule a meeting, where we can show you how simple and effective our system is.