Sustainability for a better future

A lot of us agree that digitalization is the most important part of business development. More and more things are online and if you don’t adapt, you are left behind the competition. But what is another important part? We say sustainability.

A green or sustainable business is one that has a small, minimal negative or potential positive impact on the local or global environment. Due to increased pollution, ecological disasters, exploitation issues and more, sustainability has become one of the biggest trends and necessities and even the most profitable companies started to adapt. You don’t need to change your entire business overnight, but you can make a difference step-by-step.

What can you, as a shopping manager or marketing manager in a shopping center, do for a better future? For example, changing plastic bags with paper ones, or even better, offering a bag that can be used multiple times. You can ask your customers to bring their own bags and containers to your store. You can reward shoppers with discount coupons that they can spend at your mall’s establishments to encourage this behavior. Another example can be paper vouchers and plastic gift cards. We use many vouchers that can be used only once, which means a lot of unnecessary waste. On the other hand, plastic gift cards are not really eco-friendly. Our advice is to offer digital gift cards. This will reduce the waste and unnecessary paperwork.

Modern buyers are aware that sustainability is a serious challenge. They want to know how a product is manufactured and what happens to it after it is discarded. They wish to contribute to environmental protection. With digitalization, offering a digital gift card is perfect. Shopping center managers or other business owners can take a number of steps to appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

These are some of our ideas on how you can help create a better future. What are your thoughts? We will be happy to hear your ideas.